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This page will be updated as I get access to more IDEs.

This chapter has provided an overview of some of the tools which may be of interest to you as a prompt engineer. Below are my recommendations for which to use, and in what capacity. Keep in mind that prompt engineering is a rapidly evolving field, and many of the previously mentioned tools will undergo signifigant changes in the future.

For Single Prompt Iterating

Everyprompt seems to have the best feature set for single prompt iterating (from the IDEs I have been able to try). Regular playground is also good, and a bit simpler.

For Prompt Chaining

Dust is currently the best (less technical) tool for prompt chaining. It provides a very robust feature set.


Dyno is the only tool which offers an embed.

For Full Control

Langchain is the way to go! It is a Python library, so it is fully extensible, and already comes with a great feature set.


I will be adding more recommendations as I get access to more IDEs. I recommend trying out different ones, as each has a distinct feel and different features.