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Retrieval-Augmented Generation
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Learn about the basics of RAG, including agentic RAG and vector databases.
Sander Schulhoff
Sander Schulhoff  Founder & CEO, Learn Prompting

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Sander Schulhoff
Founder & CEO, Learn Prompting
Sander Schulhoff is the Founder of Learn Prompting and an ML Researcher at the University of Maryland. He created the first-ever open-source Prompt Engineering guide before ChatGPT was released in October 2022, which has taught over 3 million people how to effectively communicate with Generative AI tools like ChatGPT. His guide is listed as a recommended resource by OpenAI and Google and has been featured in Forbes as the best course to learn Prompt Engineering. As a researcher, he has authored multiple award-winning papers alongside experts from OpenAI, Microsoft, ScaleAI, the Federal Reserve, HuggingFace, and others. His paper on HackAPrompt was awarded Best Paper at EMNLP 2023 (selected out of 20,000 submitted papers), cited by OpenAI in their paper on mitigating prompt injections, and used by teams at OpenAI, Amazon, and ArthurAI. His most recent research paper, The Prompt Report, co-authored with researchers from OpenAI and Microsoft, has quickly become the latest foundational prompting paper in the field, just weeks after its launch.
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