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🛸 Additional Resources


A fantastic PE intro video:
A very nice, short prompt engineering guide:
A great prompt engineering intro:
A nice collection of prompt engineering papers:
Many more prompt engineering papers:
CMU class on prompt engineering:
How Copilot works:
A Beginners Guide to Prompt Writing by Zapier:
Awesome A-Z Prompt-Engineering Resources list:
500 ChatGPT prompt templates:
Prompt base:
Midjourney community showcase (with prompts):
ALL styles and references for midjourney:

GPT-3 Prompt Examples/Ideas​


GPT-3 is NOT deterministic:

People to follow​

I source significant content from these people.

@chillzaza_ Prompt engineering, tools, toolbot
@mathemagic1an Various prompting, PE, GPT3 info
@goodside Prompt Injection, PE tooling
@hwchase17 Core dev of langchain
@omarsar0 DAIR AI lead

Also check accounts that I follow:

Even More​

Check open issues and PRs :)