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🟢 Structuring Data

One simple and exciting use case for LLMs is organizing data into tables. Perhaps you have a bunch of news articles or business reports, and you would like all of the important points to be summarized in a table that you can then put into a spreadsheet or database. Chat bots like ChatGPT can help you do this.

We can extract information from the following report by appending Generate a table containing this information: to it.

In a recent business report presentation, the CEO of Zana Corp. highlighted their remarkable growth in the past fiscal year. She shared that the company experienced a 15% increase in revenue, reaching $50 million, with a 12% profit margin ($6 million in net profit). The report also showcased a 20% growth in their customer base, now totaling 100,000 customers. Additionally, the company's operating expenses went up by 10%, amounting to $10 million, while the employee headcount increased by 25%, resulting in a current workforce of 500 employees. 

Generate a table containing this information:

ChatGPT will output a table like the following:

Revenue$50 million
Profit Margin12%
Net Profit$6 million
Customer Base100,000
Operating Expenses$10 million
Employee Headcount500
Revenue Increase15%
Customer Increase20%
Operating Expenses Increase10%
Employee Headcount Increase25%

You can then copy and paste it into a spreadsheet like Excel/Sheets or even documents and powerpoints.