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🟢 Style Modifiers

Style modifiers are simply descriptors which consistently produce certain styles (e.g. 'tinted red', 'made of glass', 'rendered in Unity')1. They can be combined together to produce even more specific styles. They can "include information about art periods, schools, and styles, but also art materials and media, techniques, and artists"1.


Here are a few pyramids generated by DALLE, with the prompt pyramid.

Here are a few pyramids generated by DALLE, with the prompt A pyramid made of glass, rendered in Unity and tinted red, which uses 3 style modifiers.

Here is a list of some useful style modifiers:

photorealistic, by greg rutkowski, by christopher nolan, painting, digital painting, concept art, octane render, wide lens, 3D render, cinematic lighting, trending on ArtStation, trending on CGSociety, hyper realist, photo, natural light, film grain


Oppenlaender et al.1 describe the rendered in ... descriptor as a quality booster, but our working definition differs, since that modifier does consistently generate the specific Unity (or other render engine) style. As such, we will call that descriptor a style modifier.

  1. Oppenlaender, J. (2022). A Taxonomy of Prompt Modifiers for Text-To-Image Generation. ↩