New Course: ChatGPT for Everyone, Created in Collaboration with OpenAI

February 4th, 2024 by Learn Prompting Team

Our new course, ChatGPT for Everyone, is now live! We’re extremely excited to partner with OpenAI to create this course which will teach you the fundamentals of how to use ChatGPT, the most advanced AI chatbot in history.

Welcome to ChatGPT for Everyone! To take this course, please use this link. This course focuses on the basics of using ChatGPT as your very own personal assistant! It will cover how to use ChatGPT for things like improving your resume, acting as your personal tutor with custom study guides, and crafting beautiful children's storybooks complete with images using DALL·E 3.We'll also cover the advanced functionalities available in ChatGPT Plus, which enable it to access the internet, analyze, reason, as well as the ability to see, hear, and speak.A special thank you to Shyamal Anadkat from OpenAI for producing this course alongside the Learn Prompting team!

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