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Retrieval-Augmented Generation
Learn about the basics of RAG, including agentic RAG and vector databases.
Sander Schulhoff
Sander Schulhoff  Co-founder & CEO

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RAG. Understand and Build RAG systems
Use Cases. See RAG systems Applied to Real World Tasks
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Prompt Engineering
Prompt Flow
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Sander Schulhoff
Co-founder & CEO
Sander Schulhoff is the Founder of Learn Prompting, the leading Prompt Engineering resource which has taught over 1 million people how to effectively communicate with AI. His guide has been cited by OpenAI and Google, and been featured in Forbes as the best ways to learn the skill of Prompt Engineering. He is a ML researcher at the University of Maryland, and the author of multiple research papers, which have been sponsored by OpenAI, ScaleAI, HuggingFace, and more.
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