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Prompt engineering is an iterative design task. More formalized iterative design fields (e.g. logo design) have well established tooling which allows designers to be more efficient. Similar tooling exists in the prompt engineering space, with a variety of prompt engineering IDEs (integrated development environments) having recently been created. There exists a surprising range of such tooling, with everything from research interfaces to professionally designed IDEs. This chapter will provide an overview of some of the tools which may be of interest to you as a prompt engineer.

See the final article in this chapter for my recommendations on tools to use.

Due to waitlists, I have not yet been able to access all IDEs mentioned here. Additionally, due to the number of tools coming out, not all have a dedicated page.

Here is a table of the tools we will be discussing in this chapter:

Text Prompt IDEs

NameHosted SolutionOpen SourceResearch FocusedBusiness ModelLaunchedModalitiesSupported Providers
GPT-3 PlaygroundPay per tokensTextOpenAI
DustTextOpenAI, Cohere
PromptmetheusFreemiumTextAnthropic, Cohere, OpenAI, PaLM 2, NLP Cloud, AI21 Labs, Aleph Alpha
PromptIDECode TBDNoneText
NameHosted SolutionOpen SourceResearch FocusedBusiness ModelLaunchedModalitiesSupported Providers
MultiWait listText, Image
Human LoopWait listText
Spellbook (Scale AI)Wait listText
KollapromptUnder DevelopmentWait listText, Image, AudioOpenAI, Stable Diffusion
PromptableWait listTextOpenAI
DiscuroAIText, ImageOpenAI
PromptShakeWait listText
GPT IDEText, images + audio laterOpenAI, later Stability.AI and more
The Forge AIMarketplaceWait listText, ImagesOpenAI, Stable Diffusion
Orquesta AI PromptsEnterpriseTextCustom, Public, Private LLMs
AnySolveFreemiumText, images + audio laterOpenAI, Stability.AI and more

Image Only IDEs

NameHosted SolutionOpen SourceResearch FocusedBusiness ModelLaunchedModalitiesSupported Providers
DALL·EBuy CreditsText2ImageOpenAI DALLE
Dream StudioBuy CreditsText2ImageStable Diffusion
PatienceBuy CreditsText2ImageStable Diffusion, OpenAI
getimg.aiText2Image, AIEditor

Hosted Solution: The tool is hosted on a website and can be used without installing anything.

Research Focused: The tool is designed for research purposes, and may not be as user friendly as other tools.

Business Model: Type of business model.